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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 20, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PST

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clarkson. a hit british drama downton abbey raked in 1.2 million viewers for its finale. pbs has quadrupled its primetime average. the runner-ups at the oscars will be taking home swag bags valued at $4500. what are they saying? >> well, this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" with guest host peter alexander starts right now. ♪ did you see the pictures of president obama playing golf with tiger woods this weekend?
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neither did we. >> the media covering the president was shut out. the press corps complained. >> there are a lot of holes in the story, specifically, 18 of them. but i believe america deserves to know, who drove the cart? who rode shotgun? did the president play from the woman's tee? fol folks, you're just as upset as i am, i can tell. >> so, it may not be getting any love from the press but the president still coming out on top, tiger woods confirming that the president has some game. this is "way too early." we have a lot to discuss on this wednesday, february 20th. live pictures right now from across the globe, this is outside the south african courthouse this morning where a judge will rule whether oscar
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pistorius will be granted bail. also back here in the states, president obama tries to bury the hatchet with senators marco rubio, john mccain and friends after they accused the white house of shutting them out on immigration. john mccain facing the firing squad. some of the heated exchanges that took place are straight ahead. the postal service is coming one a questionable new plan to dig its new way out of debt. wait until you see the usps duds. our top story, oscar pistorius is back in courts as prosecutors lay out their case in the alleged murder of his girlfriend. they say pistorius put on his prosthetic legs before walking and killing reeva steenkamp who was locked in his small bathroom.
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pistorius thought that an intruder got into the house and he had no intention of killing reeva. chapman bell is joining us live. there have been some new revelations this morning. lot of it has to do with what a witness heard, what is that? >> good morning, peter. well, witnesses -- police and prosecution today have claimed that witnesses heard screaming before gunshots. the prosecution did concede that stop of these witnesses lived a thousand feet away from the house. hearing a scream from that distance might not have been coming from oscar pistorius' home. the lead investigator in this, on the stand, agreeing with the prosecution that this was a premeditated crime that he strapped on his legs, walked to the bathroom and fired shots
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through the door. what they're claiming, there's a downward trajectory of these bullets. pistorius claimed that he didn't have his prosthetic legs on. this could be crucial to determine if this was premeditated or if it was a pure accident. additional mri, police today, have added -- tried to an additional charge of an unlicensed firearm ammunition on pistorius they claim they found in their room. also, not relevant to the crime, but relevant to what could have been a motive, they found steroids in the home as well as needles. just recently the prosecution has conceding with the defense's effort that it's a horrible reme remedy and not a banned substance. we're hearing more and more and we'll see if he is granted bail later today.
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>> chapman, will that happen today? will we get answer today or how long will it last? >> it could drag out. they're trying to put forth their cases for accidental death or that of premeditated murder. we'll have to see how much evidence they'll want to argue to see if he remains behind bars. >> chap, thanks, buddy. there's some news making headlines back here at home president obama as well as congressional leaders no closer to a deal to avert next week's automatic spending cuts. they spent most of tuesday talking pass each other. the president highlighted the potential job losses for first responders, some of whom you can see behind him at a white house event yesterday.
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>> republicans in congress face a simple choice, are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education, health care and national security and all of the jobs that depend on them or would they rather put our entire economy at risk just to protect a few loopholes. that's the choice. my door is open. i have put tough cuts and reforms on the table. i'm willing to work with anybody to get this job done. none of us will get 100% of what we want. but nobody should want these cuts to go through. because the last thing our families can afford right now, pain by rigidity here in washington. >> washington has rumd out any new taxes.
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house speaker john boehner said, quote, today the president advanced an argument republicans have been make for a year -- his sequester is the wrong way to cut spending. mitch mcconelle insisted, more than three months after the november election, president obama still prefers campaign events to common sense bipartisan action. meanwhile the co-chairs of the president's 2010 budget reduction panel. are offering another plan, we're talking about simpson and bowles. their first attempt was ignored by the administration and congressional members. this latest proposal would save $600 billion in changes in health care programs and tax
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reform. on top of that $1.2 trillion would come on cutting down discretionary spending. allen simpson said that it represents a badly needed reality check for our nation. >> before you begin drool at the mouth, read the report. use your bean instead of listening to crap from the left and right. he will have a failed presidency unless he deals with the social security sovereignty. after a white house plan for immigration reform leaked over the weekend, president obama took the rare step on tuesday
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reaching out to key republican senators, the president called john mccain, lindsay graham as well as marco rubio, who only this past weekend called the president's plan "half-baked." after the call, rubio's office put out a statement that read in part, the senator told the president that he feels good about the ongoing negotiations in the senate and is hope halve the the final product is something that can pass the senate with strong bipartisan support. senator mccain spent his day in town halls in his home state of arizona where he ran into some frustrated crowds who made their anger known about the state of immigration in america. >> why didn't the army go down there and stop them? because the only thing that stops them and i'm afraid to say, is a gun. that's all that will stop them. >> the border is 2,000 miles long i don't know how many army troops would have been required.
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i'll give you expert information that shows you, probably maybe you're talking about 2 million soldiers. you want to round up 11 million people and send them back to their country. they're not going to do that. why can't you do that? because we're a christian nation. >> you're a senator with the federal government and you're doing nothing about it. you said build the fence. where's the fence? >> in case you missed it, i showed you. >> that's not a fence. >> it's not a fence, it's a banana. >> whatever your opinion is of his politics the guy handles himself under tough conditions like a pro.
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vice president joe biden is going to head to connecticut tomorrow to speak at a conference on gun violence, it's going to take place only miles away from the sandy hook elementary school. yesterday he fielded questions from parents yesterday in a town hall online. >> if you want to protect yourself, get yourself a double-barrelled shotgun, and i promise you, as i told my wife, we live in an area that's wooded and somewhat secluded. jill, if there's every a problem, walk out on the balcony, put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. i promise you, whoever's coming in, you don't need an ar-15, it's harder to aim and it's harder to use and in fact, you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself. buy a shotgun. buy a shotgun.
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>> still not sure whether buy a shotgun is one of the white house's talking issues. you may have heard about this one, this is remarkable story right out of hollywood, an airport tarmac in brussels is now a crime scene after a team of masked gunman stole at least $50 million worth of diamonds from a swiss-bound flight, the massive heist went down in minutes leaving police, as you can imagine, stunned. here's the latest. >> reporter: it was brazen. eight armed men targeting an airport, escaping with millions in diamonds without firing a shot, leaving nothing but a burned-out van. >> this was a quick hit and run. >> reporter: the men were in two vehicles, a mercedes van and a car. they drove through a hole in the truck, loading the plane with
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the diamonds. they field the vehicles with boxes of gem, it took just three minutes. >> we can only conclude that these people were very indeed well aware of what they were doing and looking for. >> reporter: the jules were from antwerp. >> how is it possible that eight armed men that can have access to tarmac to a specific plane knew they were going to take off a few minutes later and has diamonds onboard. >> reporter: diamonds sold here are a attempting target for thieves. they're small and easy to carry away. security cameras showed them simply walking in, disguised in professional makeup. in 1978 the heist at jfk airport. >> several millions of cash and
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jewelry taken from a cargo hanger. >> reporter: made famous in the movie "goodfellas." >> these are the guys that jimmy put together that turned out to be the biggest heist in america. >> reporter: police in belgium will be looking for clues in their own security camera video. diamonds may have already vanished into the black market. >> arguably when you see guys on motorcycles riding through the london mall is a bad indication that something bad is going to go down. usps deals with its deficit. it's adding another business to its portfolio, apparel. a new clothing line, the rain, heat and snow brand, including cutting-edge technology. to be sold in specialty stores.
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we went digging through the "way too early" this morning. the change in the uniform over the years. here's a professional video that our "way too early" crew is pitching for the rain, heat and snow wear. >> used to be a postman, on every street in america. wore uniforms and hats. just like this one. getting a letter made you feel like you were part of something bigger than yourself. i don't think we ever really understood what they meant to us. until they were gone. >> for the tens of thousands of millions who didn't see that
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movie, it came out in 1987 starring kevin costner. as always, let us know why you're awake right now. shoot us an e-mail or tweet me, by the way, at peter alexander. we'll read the best responses a little bit later in the show. still ahead -- tiger woods opening up about his power pairing with president obama, the world's number two golfer, analyzed the world's most powerfpower ful man. an australian weatherman gets more than he bargain ed fo. we'll see if bill karins is willing to strap that. "way too early" is coming right back. the blaze erupted around 11:00 p.m. during a concert of
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the '80's rock band great white, part of their act pyrotech nicks. police said that may have ignited foam along the wall. burning the building to the ground within seconds. ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals.
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♪ i want to see how long i can last at 8g. are you ready? yep. here we go. picking up speed. here we go. here we go. we go left and right. >> oh, god. >> he passed out. we don't want to see. all right. >> all right. >> let's go. >> wow.
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it looked like he blacked out for a second. >> there's your morning forecast in australia, the weather guy at channel 7 morning show took a ride on a stunt ride on a plane, he asked the pilot to kick it up to 8g forces. we pass it to you, bill karins, what do you got for us this morning. >> i was offered to go up with the blue angels and i chickened out. >> you chickened out? >> i said no way. their goal is to make the media people sick. let's talk about what's going to make mike barnacle and everyone else in new england sick, a new snowstorm. but first, it will go through the midwest, it's currently located in california, that's the culprit bringing snow to california. already, well ahead of that
2:52 am
storm system the white and the blue shows you the snow already breaking out in kansas, kansas is not the place to travel over the next two days. ice storm likely. southern missouri and northern arkansas. back towards the midwest, from kansas city to wichita, possibility of 6 to 12 and some area out in kansas is going to get significantly more. the forecast for the east coast today is fine. one of our extended computers, it's showing another possible snowstorm, another significant snowstorm, peter, for new england. saturday into sunday. so, this would be three weekends in a row with a snowstorm in new england. let's hope it changes by then. >> we're hoping that passes. we'll toss things down to florida. if you're among those curious how the leader of the free world handles a putter, we have your covered. tiger woods evaluated the president's skills yesterday at the match play championships.
2:53 am
here's what he had to say. >> playing with mr. president was pretty cool. he's a wonderful person to be around. and we won. he hit the ball well and he's got amazing touch. he can certainly chip and putt. if he ever spent after these four years f he spend more time playing golf, he'll get to where he's a pretty good stick. >> pretty good stick is golf talk for he's got a pretty good game. for those who are keeping track, the 116th round played by the president since he took office. now for some college hoops, michigan state hosting indiana.
2:54 am
victor oladipo throws it off the back of the defender. jumped to the final minute, hoosiers down a basket, down one the indiana layup goes off the rim, oladipo there to tip it in. hoosiers hold off the spartans. the big ten is stacked. gets their first win at the breslin center. coming up at the top of this hour on morning joe, president obama reaching out directly to key republicans. but it's still radio silence between the two sides when it comes to those deep budget cuts. we're just a week away. when we come back right here -- we'll huddle around the watercooler where scott brown is blaming pocket tweet for late-night tweets. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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enough with the real news. let's gather around the water cooler and talking after midnight twitter regrets. scott brown apparently has, too. he's addressing those bizarre tweets that he sent last month. he tweeted "whatever" to several follow followers' comments and some
2:58 am
suspect that he was drunk when he send out these misspelled tweets. >> anyone ever hear a pocket tweet, pocket dial? it was pretty simple. i have an iphone 5. anyone who has an iphone 5, the keys are small and very sensitive. i rarely drink. the last time i was ever drunk was at my bachelor party and that was 27, 28 years ago. >> you're saying that you just -- it was just a mistake? >> what else would it be? >> boston's fox 25 investigating the pocket tweets. still ahead on "way too early" -- your texts and tweets are next. and "morning joe" now just moments away. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four.
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